Regular Sized Textured Single Creased Cards

In this section are the most common sizes for Textured portrait and landscape creased cards.

Accent Antique and Tintoretto are 300gsm (500mic). Both 100% acid free. FSC certified. c

This card has a fine linen texture (one sided). 270gsm.

These double sided linen cards are 270gsm in weight. The linen effect is more pronounced on the front of the card

This card has a Silkweave Texture. 270gsm.

This card has a fine linen texture (one sided). 350gsm.

Comet and Precious Pearl are 300gsm, in Comet is available in Hessian (linen) finish and the Precious Pearl has a sequin finish. Comet Opal is an ivory...

These lovely 300gsm cards feature a pearlescent embossed front with a plain white reverse. The Tapestry range includes four embossings - Applique,...

Wove Card (Smooth Finish) - 300gsm (500 mic). Contour Card (Hammered Finish) - 300gsm. (500 mic). Laid Card (Finely Ridged) - 300gsm (500 mic). Hammered...