Date added: 19/07/2017 New 350gsm deluxe cards

We have 5 colours available in the Sirio Colour range. These cards have a lovely feel to them and are ideal for customers who want a heavier card, particularly if foil printing is required. There is a deep navy blue (Dark Blue), black (Nero), Light Pink (Nude), White and dark grey (Pietra).


Sirio 350gsm

White and Nude are also availble as 290gsm on the keaykolor-antique-and-sirio-uncreased-card.html page. Nude is also available as 120gsm paper denim-jeans-and-sirio-paper.html

Date added: 13/07/2017 New Tintoretto cards and papers

Tintoretto Gesso and Crema have a double sided feltmark finish, the card is 300gsm and the paper 140gsm. Available in Gesso (White) and Crema (Cream. These Italian cards and papers are perfect for wedding stationery. 100% acid free and FSC certified.

Date added: 04/05/2017 Champagne Glitter Card

We have added a lovely Champagne colour to our ranges of Textured Glitter Card and Glitter Paper

Date added: 04/04/2017 NEW - Laser Cut Shapes

Just arrived, some stunning laser cut shapes from Artoz.  Perfect for Wedding Stationery.  To see the full collection click on the link below:


Date added: 23/03/2017 NEW Centura Colours, including ROSE GOLD

We have expanded the Centura Pearlescent card range with 5 new colours:

Baby Blue

Baby Pink



Rose Gold

Available in uncreased card, creased card blanks, pocketfolds and wallets......

Date added: 22/03/2017 New Handmade Artoz Papers - Just Arrived

The latest Artoz handmade papers have just arrived, to see our full range click on the link below.

Date added: 21/03/2017 Curious Nude back in stock

After some time, the paper mill has now made more stock, the Curious Nude card and paper is now back live on the site in all categories.

Date added: 13/02/2017 Kraft Natural 280gsm discontinued

This was originally a replacement for the Cairn Eco Kraft, but as supplies are now ongoing of the Eco Kraft and we can no longer get the Natural in 280gsm it has been discontinued. There is a 350gm Kraft Natural still.

Date added: 01/02/2017 New Swatches

We are now making new swatches of our colours, there are four in total standard-swatches


Date added: 20/12/2016 Duplex Cards

We now have the capability of gluing two cards together to make duplex cards. We have made the first ones live for the Curious cards in 600gsm A4 and 420gsm any size. You have the option of having different colours on each side Bespoke Curious Pearlescent Duplex 600gsm

After we have tested other card and paper combinations, we will make them live on the site. ie Curious wil be available in 420gsm and you will be able to choose practically any size. The next ones to go live before the new year will be Colorplan, Tapestry, Stardream and Popset, more to follow.

Subject to testing we should be able to make 240gsm ready to make, and hand made envelopes using different combinations as well, fingers crossed!