A4 Self Adhesive Sparkly Acetate Sheet

A4 Self Adhesive Sparkly Acetate Sheet - Die Cutting: Can be die cut to create a shimmery background pattern i.e. die cut lots of flowers/snowflakes then stick onto the background of a card, scrapbook page, vase or glassware to create an effective background of shimmery die cut shapes.
The sparkly sheet can also be stuck onto the material you want to die cut first. This will create a shimmer effect over the initial choice of card, leather, balsa wood, decorative paper etc.
Stamping: Stamp and colour the image. Trim to size. Then cover with the sparkly sheet to give an overall shimmer.
Guillotine and Decorative Trimmer: This product can also be cut with a guillotine or a decorative trimmer to create decorative edges or fancy edged sparkly strips which will add interest to your project.


£1.88 exVAT