Boutique, Cocktail, Majestic, Precious Pearl, Sirio & Stardream Foil Printed 210x105mm Pocketfolds

These beautiful double sided pearlescent cards consist of Stardream which is 285gsm, Boutique 350gsm, Sirio 300gsm and Majestic are 290gsm. Cocktail are 295gsm. These have the wording ‘Wedding or Evening Invitation’ printed on the front. These can also be printed with your wording, please email or phone your requirements for a price.

Please note that the Boutique 350gsm cards are slightly dearer.

Typeface Styles

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210x105mm (DL) Pocketfolds 210x105mm (DL) Flapless Pocketfolds 210x105mm (DL) Portrait Pocketfolds 210x105mm (DL) Portrait Flapless Pocketfolds

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Metallic Gold Foil (6003) Metallic Rose Gold Foil (6037) Metallic Silver Foil (6010) Metallic Red Foil (6058) Metallic Burgundy Foil (6054) White Gold Pearlescent Foil (352) Metallic Green Foil (6063) Metallic Black Foil (8000) Metallic Royal Blue (6075) Matt Black Foil (1000) Metallic White Foil (2000) Matt Silver Foil (6210) Light Gold Foil (6220)
(26) Amethyst (Stardream) (27) Anthracite Coal (Sirio) (108) Aquamarine (28) Azalea (Stardream) (29) Baby Blue (Pearly) (30) Baby Pink (Pearly) Pink (Pearly) (100) Beauty Pink (Boutique) (139) Black Russian (Cocktail 290gsm) 144) Blue Moon (Cocktail 290gsm) (32) Black (Stardream) (33) Bronze (Stardream) (117) Butterscotch (Pearly) (34) Candlelight (Majestic) (35) Casino Gold (Majestic 290gsm) (115) Citrine (Stardream) (136) Coal Mine (Sirio 300gsm) (36) Coral (Stardream) (37) Crystal White (Stardream) (38) Curacao (Cocktail) (39) Damask Blue (Majestic) (109) Dolomite (41) Dorian Gray (Cocktail) (42) Emperor Red (Majestic) (101) Fair Blue (Boutique) (123) Fashion Purple (Boutique) (43) Garden Green (Majestic) (110) Glamour Green (Teal) (142) Cuba Libre (Cocktail 290gsm) (121) Gold (Sirio) (44) Gold (Stardream) (134) Gold Dust (Precious Pearl 300gsm) (119) Gold Ivory (116) Green (Pearly) (45) Ice White (Sirio) (46) Kings Blue (Majestic) (47) Kunzite (Stardream) (48) Lagoon (Stardream) (143) Mai Tai (Cocktail 290gsm) (50) Mellow Yellow (Majestic) (51) Mint Green (Majestic) (52) Misty Rose (Sirio) (53) Mojito (Cocktail) (106) Moonstone (54) NC Purple (Majestic) (55) Opal (Stardream) (445) Orange Glow (Sirio 300gsm) (56) Oyster Shell (Sirio) (57) Parlour Pink (Majestic) (58) Peach (Pearly) (59) Petal (Majestic) (120) Pink Mist (Pearly) (122) Platinum (Sirio) (105) Polar Dawn (60) Punch (Stardream) (61) Quartz (Stardream) (62) Red Fever (Sirio) (63) Rose (Stardream) (132) Sage (Sirio 300gsm) (64) Ruby (Stardream) (65) Sand (Majestic) (66) Sapphire (Stardream) (67) Silver (Stardream) (68) Silver (Majestic) (102) Vanity Pearl (Boutique) (69) Vista (Stardream) (138) Purple Rain (Cocktail 290gsm) (103) White Silk (Boutique 350gsm (118) Yellow (Pearly)

Please note these are made to order and are not returnable


Minimum quantity for "Boutique, Cocktail, Majestic, Precious Pearl, Sirio & Stardream Foil Printed 210x105mm Pocketfolds" is 25.


£1.05 exVAT