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Boutique, Cocktail, Majestic, Precious Pearl, Sirio & Stardream Paper Bunting


Stardream, and Majestic are 120gsm, Sirio is 125gsm and Boutique is 130gsm. A mixture of metallic and pearlescent colours. Boutique papers are pearlescent on 1 side only.
These papers match our Stardream and Majestic card. Test first for printing on an inkjet printer. All double sided.

These are equalateral triangles, the 148 bunting measures 148mm along the top and sides and measures 128mm from top to bottom. The 140 bunting measures 140mm along the top and sides and measures 120mm from top to bottom.

Please note that the Boutique 130gsm papers are slightly dearer.


(26) Amethyst (Stardream) (108) Aquamarine (Stardream) (27) Anthracite (Majestic) (28) Azalea (Stardream) (29) Baby Blue (Precious) (100) Beauty Pink (Boutique) (32) Onyx Black (Stardream) (33) Bronze (Stardream) (117) Butterscotch (Pearly) Candlelight Cream (Majestic) (35) Casino Gold (Majestic) (115) Citrine (Stardream) (36) Coral (Stardream) (37) Crystal White (Stardream) (38) Curacao (Cocktail) (39) Damask Blue (Majestic) (109) Dolomite (Stardream) (42) Emperor Red (Majestic) (101) Fair Blue (Boutique) (123) Fashion Purple (Boutique) (43) Gardeners Green (Majestic) (121) Gold (Sirio) (44) Gold (Stardream) (119) Gold Ivory (Precious) (116) Green (Precious) (45) Ice White (Sirio) (46) Kings Blue (Majestic) (47) Kunzite (Stardream) (48) Lagoon (Stardream) (50) Mellow Yellow (Majestic) (51) Mint Green (Majestic) (52) Misty Rose (Sirio) (54) N C Purple (Majestic) (55) Opal (Stardream) (56) Oyster Shell (Sirio) (57) Parlour Pink (Majestic) (58) Peach (Precious) (59) Petal (Majestic) (120) Pink Mist (Precious) (122) Platinum (Sirio) (111) Polar Dawn (Sirio) (60) Punch (Stardream) (61) Quartz (Stardream) (63) Rose (Stardream) (131) Rose Gold (Sirio) (64) Ruby (Stardream) (132) Sage (Sirio) (65) Sand (Majestic) (66) Sapphire (Stardream) (67) Silver (Stardream) (68) Silver (Majestic) (102) Vanity Pearl (Boutique) (69) Vista (Stardream) (103) White Silk (Boutique) (118) Yellow (Precious)
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