Quick Colour Guide

Run your mouse over the colour and it will show you it's name. Click on it and it will take you to the uncreased card page with this on, there you will find links to the various categories this colour is in, ie paper, pocketfolds etc. Please note that it is almost impossible for a website to display colours accurately, swatch packs are available on the site to check the colours. Swatches


  Black Cards
Keaykolour Black Popset Black Sirio Nero Stardream Onyx Black Anthracite Tapestry Applique Black Tapestry Broderie Black
Colorplan Ebony Centura Black Curious Night Colorset Nero Chromolux Black Plike Black  
Brown Cards
Curious Chocolate Centura Mink Tapestry Chocolate Broderie Crush Hazlenut Majestic Bronze Colorplan Baghdad Brown Colorplan Bitter Chocolate
Crush Coffee Crush Almond Eco Kraft Rib Tone Colorplan Harvest Colorset Suede Colorset Tuscan
Blue Cards
Majestic Damask Blue Kings Blue Lapislazuli Curious Ink Riviera Blue Sapphire Curious Blueprint
Vista Colorset Aquamarine Curacao Powder Blue  Colorset Light Blue Blue  Peacock  Denim
Burgundy Cards
Carmine Colorplan Claret Stardream Ruby      
Gold Cards
Metals Antique Gold Metals Gold Leaf Metals Supergold Metals White Gold Stardream Gold Old Gold Broderie
Green Cards
Mojito Gardeners Green Mint Green Woodstock Pistachio Curious Lime Precious Green Green Gloss
Colorset Evergreen Colorset Spring Green Colorplan Emerald Colorplan Forest Colorset Lime Holly Keaykolour Matcha Tea
Sirio Verde Pino Vanguard Dark Green Mid Green Sage Pistachio Racing Green
Ivory and Oyster Cards
Tintoretto Crema Comet Opal Advocate Ivory Colorplan Vellum White Colorplan China White Colorplan Natural Precious Butterscotch
Colorplan Natural Linen Solar Mist (Europa Ivory) Golden Haze Parchment Natural Rives Corn Conqueror Cream Contour Conqueror Cream Laid
Conqueror Cream Wove Accent Antique Magnolia Rives Pale Cream Accent Antique Silk Zeta Brilliant Ivory Hammer Zeta Ivory Linen Conqueror Oyster Contour
Conqueror Oyster Laid Conqueror Oyster Wove Popset Ivory Popset Oyster Majestic Candlelight Cream Stardream Opal Sirio Paglierini
Lilac Cards
Stardream Kunzite Majestic Parlour Pink Colorplan Lavender      
Orange Cards
Metals Mandarin Mandarin Vanguard Orange Keaykolour Tangerine Colorset Deep Orange Colorset Mango Colorplan Citrine
Pink Cards
Rose Quartz Petal Precious Baby Pink Curious Pink Quartz Cosmo Pink Shocking Pink Azalea
Candy Pink Fuchsia Pink Extract Shell Keaykolour Old Rose Sirio Nude Curious Nude Woodstock Cipria
Colorset Pink Ice Sirio Misty Rose Colorset Magenta Curious Rose Gold

Purple Cards
Stardream Amethyst Sirio Deep Purple Majestic Night Club Purple Stardream Punch Colorplan Amethyst Colorplan Purple Boutique Fashion Purple
Vanguard Violet Popset Infra Violet Colorset Amethyst Sirio Aubergine
Red Cards
Guardsman Red Red Laquer Popset Poppy Sirio Red Fever Emperor Red Curious Magma
Colorplan Bright Red Colorplan Scarlet Colorplan Vermillion Colorset Bright Red Colorset Crimson
Silver and Grey Cards
Stardream Silver Majestic Silver Cocktail Dorian Gray Sirio Platinum Colorplan Cool Grey Colorplan Dark Grey Colorplan Pale Grey
Colorplan Smoke Curious Galvanised Curious Ice Silver Curious Ionised Curious Lustre Silver Mist Virtual Pearl
Curious Eucalyptus Saville Row Dark Grey Tweed Vanguard Dark Grey Vanguard Silver Grey Keaykolour Steel Sirio Pietra Colorset Ash
Colorplan Real Grey Colorset Dark Grey Colorset Flint Colorset Light Grey