Conqueror, Rives and Zeta Tags

Conqueror, Rives and Zeta Tags

Wove Card (Smooth Finish) - 300gsm (500 mic).
Contour Card (Hammered Finish) - 300gsm. (500 mic).
Laid Card (Finely Ridged) - 300gsm (500 mic).
Hammered Card - 260gsm (400 mic).
Linen Finish Card - 260gsm (400 mic).
Conqueror cards are Acid Free
Rives has a subtle ripple texture and is 250gsm.

Fresh White Recycled is 300gsm (500 mic) and all are FSC Certified.

43mm Circular Tag 60mm Single Crease Circular Tag 62mm Circular Tag 85mm Circular Tag 60x35mm Rectangular Tag 60x36mm Rectangulat Tag 82x164mm Rectangular Tag 75x127mm Rectangular Tag 100x45mm Rectangular Tag

Minimum quantity for "Conqueror, Rives and Zeta Tags" is 25.


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