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Irridescent Conqueror & Curious Cheque Book Paper Inserts


A quality mixture of irridescent and pearlescent paper, finished on both sides for maximmum effect. Curious Collection paper is 120gsm. Conqueror Concept paper is 100gsm. All of this paper should be suitable for printing on an inkjet printer (subject to printer specification), as always please test before buying in bulk.

Perforation is 25mm in from left. Please state below whether or not you want us to drill two 3mm holes.

(1) Cryrogen 120gsm (Curious) (2) Gold Dust 100gsm (Conqueror) (3) Golden Haze 120gsm (Conqueror) (4) Silica Blue 100gsm (Conqueror) (5) Silver Mist 100gsm (Curious) (6) Solar Mist Europa Ivory 120gsm (Curious) (7) Virtual Pearl 120gsm (Curious)
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