PopSet & Vanguard 148x148mm POCKETFOLDS

Pop'Set & Vanguard 148x148mm POCKETFOLDS

The 148mm Pocketfold is available in just one version - straight edged.

Pop’Set & Vanguard are smooth, double-sided, matte cards, both are 240gsm. The Popset Urban Grey, Ivory and Oyster are also available in 320gsm. Pop’Set & Vanguard are both FSC Certified, meaning they come from responsibly managed forests.

Pocketfolds can be supplied flat, or for a small extra charge can be taped and folded so they arrive with you ready to use. If you are self assembling we recommend using the ultra clear tape which can be found at the following link on our site - Ultra Clear Tape

We recommend the following insert sizes for the 148mm pocketfold - 143x143 or 138x138 for the invitation mat, and then 138x138, 138x123, 138x108 & 138x93 for the inserts that will sit in the actual pocket. We advise a step of 15mm between inserts to allow adequate room for the headings to show.

Inserts can be ordered from the following link - http://www.pdacardandcraft.co.uk/card-uncreased.html

If you're unsure of the colours available, or just need more information about Pocketfolds, please give us a call on (01773) 712266 or email [email protected] and we'll be happy to advise.

148x148mm Pocketfolds

Please note these are made to order and are not returnable


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