Tapestry Single Creased Regular Cards

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These lovely 300gsm cards feature a pearlescent embossed front with a plain white reverse.

The Tapestry range includes four embossings - Applique, Broderie, Fabrique and Silkweave.

Starlux Farfalle features a pretty butterfly embossing.

*** Please note that Tapestry products can vary in shade from batch to batch, we try to ensure that each order is cut from the same batch  ***


Unsure of the colours or finishes available? Give us a call on (01773) 712266 and we'll be happy to advise...

30x100mm Place card (cut 60x100mm) 40x100mm Place card (cut 80x100mm) 74x105 Portrait A6 to A7 (cut 148x105mm) 74x210mm Portrait (cut 148x210mm) 99x210mm Portrait (cut 198x210mm) 105x148mm Portrait A5 to A6 (cut 210x148mm) 128x178mm Portrait (cut 256x178mm) 148x210mm Portrait A4 to A5 (cut 296x210mm) 210x297mm Portrait A3 to A4 (cut 420x297mm) 148x105 Landscape (cut 296x105mm) 178x128mm Landscape (cut 356x128mm) 210x99mm Landscape (cut 420x99mm) 210x148mm Landscape (cut 420x148mm)

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