Textured & Wove Cheque Book Paper Inserts

Perforation is 25mm in from left. Please state below whether or not you want us to drill two 3mm holes.

Conqueror Wove & Laid papers are 120gsm - NO WATERMARK.

Conqueror Contour paper is 100gsm - WITH WATERMARK.

Accent paper is 110gsm - NO WATERMARK.

Zeta paper is 100gsm - WITH WATERMARK.

Stonemarque paper is 120gsm - NO WATERMARK.

Rives Pale Cream is 120gsm, all other Rives papers are 100gsm - NO WATERMARK.

Fresh White Recycled is 100gsm - WITH WATERMARK.

Please note that Conqueror Wove is a smooth paper.


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