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About Us

Our business was started late in the year 2001. We operated from our site in the centre of Nottingham, but it soon became apparent that we were outgrowing our working premises there.

So in November 2002 we formed a new company called Woodward PDA Ltd and bought an established printing company Woodward Printers at Langley Mill just outside Nottingham. We later changed the name to PDA Card and Craft LImited. This is where we now do all our printing and cardmaking operations.

If you are ever in the Nottingham area you will be very welcome to visit us and browse our extensive range of cards and materials in our large factory shop. Please note our shop is closed until March. Orders can be picked up from our factory though, or despatched via carrier as usual.

Our normal opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 3.00pm.  Outside of these hours, you are most welcome to phone through an order for us to pick and then you can pick it up outside the shop.

The card sizes in this catalogue are the standard sizes, but we can create cards of any size for you up to a maximum of 420 x 297 creased to 210 x 297.

We are continually experimenting with new card ideas and when we are happy with them they are made available for purchase on this website.

Abbreviations 'gsm' and 'mic' used throughout the website denote the weight of paper or card. 'Mic' is short for micron. 1000 microns are equal to 1mm.

We hope you enjoy browsing our store, and remember, if you have any questions just ask.