Pearlescent Card

A wide range of pearlescent cards.

Please note that no pearlescent card is suitable for printing on an inkjet printer. Laser printers should be ok (depending on model) as long as they have fuser units installed and can take the weight. It is always best to trial it before buying in bulk. The direction of the grain can be important as well. If in doubt which way the grain should be, please contact us before buying.

These beautiful double sided pearlescent cards consist of Stardream which is 285gsm, Boutique 350gsm, Sirio and Precious Pearl are 300gsm and Majestic are...

Centura Single-Sided Pearlescent Uncreased Card
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Centura Pearl 310gsm. This single-sided pearlescent card has matt-white reverse. We have matching C6 Pearl envelopes for the 105x148 cards.

Curious and Stardream Metals Card Uncreased
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All of these pearlescent cards are 300gsm apart from Antique Gold, Emerald and Mars which are 285gsm. All are double sided. If you plan to print on these...

Irridescent Conqueror & Curious Uncreased Card
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A quality mixture of irridescent and pearlescent card. Curious cards are 240gsm. Conqueror Concept cards are 250gsm. All Double Sided. If you plan to...