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Catch Gate Card Blanks

These are Gatefold cards cut 15mm wider to enable the right hand panel to overlap the left which is then tucked into the slit cut into the left hand panel. Colorplan 270gsm, 350gsm, Kaskad, Keaykolor, Rives, Popset, Colorit Pocketfolds. All cards in this section are double sided.

Accent Antique, Fresco and Tintoretto cards are 300gsm (500 mic). Both 100% acid free. FSC certified.

These beautiful double sided pearlescent cards consist of Stardream which is 285gsm, Boutique 350gsm, Sirio 300gsm and Majestic are 290gsm. Cocktail are...

48 wonderful colours in 270gsm card. This top-of-the-range double sided coloured card is manufactured from 100% virgin ECF fibre. Bright White, Pristine...

The wonderful 270gsm Colorset cards are 100% recycled and has been awarded the ‘Blue Angel’ certification. Please note that due to fact that these cards are...

Contour Card (Hammered Finish) - 300gsm. (500 mic). Laid Card (Finely Ridged) - 300gsm (500 mic). Stonemarque 300gsm (500mic). Conqueror cards are...

Wove Card (Smooth Finish) FSC Certified.

All of these pearlescent cards are 300gsm apart from Antique Gold,Emerald and Mars which are 285gsm. All are double sided.

A Quality mixture of irridescent and pearlescent card. Curious cards are 240gsm. Conqueror Concept cards are 250gsm. Double Sided.

All of the Rives have a very tactile and subtle texture and are either 320 or 350gsm.

Zeta is available in hammer and linen finishes 260gsm.