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Photo Mount Creased Cards

These cards have four semi-circular slits cut into them so a 6x4" photograph can be mounted. The card measures 178x128mm. Please make sure of your choice because these are made to order and cannot be returned.

These beautiful double sided pearlescent cards consist of Stardream which is 285gsm, Boutique 350gsm, Sirio 300gsm and Majestic are 290gsm. Cocktail are...

Minimum quantity for "Boutique, Cocktail, Majestic, Precious Pearl, Sirio & Stardream Photomount Cards" is 20.

48 wonderful colours in 270gsm card. This top-of-the-range double sided coloured card is manufactured from 100% virgin ECF fibre. Bright White, Pristine...

Minimum quantity for "Colorplan 270gsm Photomount Cards" is 20.

This recycled kraft card is 280gsm plain kraft both sides.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS PRODUCT CAN HAVE SHADE VARIATIONS FROM BATCH TO BATCH Supplied...

Minimum quantity for "Recycled Kraft Photomount Cards" is 20.