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Textured Tags

Textured tags
Accent Antique, Fresco and Tintoretto are 300gsm (500mic). Both 100% acid free. This card comes from managed sustainable forests.

Minimum quantity for "Accent Antique, Fresco and Tintoretto Tags" is 25.

Contour Card (Hammered Finish) - 300gsm. (500 mic). Laid Card (Finely Ridged) - 300gsm (500 mic). Stonemarque 300gsm (500mic). Conqueror cards are Acid Free

Minimum quantity for "Conqueror Textured 300gsm Tags" is 25.

All of the Rives have a very tactile and subtle texture and are either 320 or 350gsm.

Minimum quantity for "Rives 320/350gsm Tags" is 25.

Applique, Broderie, Silkweave and Fabrique textured cards are white on the reverse. Card is 300gsm.

Minimum quantity for "Tapestry Tags" is 25.

Zeta is available in hammer and linen finishes 260gsm.

Minimum quantity for "Zeta 260gsm Tags" is 25.