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Pearlescent Card Colours

Pearlescent colours

Click on the colour and it will take you to the uncreased card page with this on, there you will find links to the various categories this colour is in, ie paper, pocketfolds etc. Most of these cards are available in other weights as well. Please note that it is almost impossible for a website to display colours accurately, this page is just a guide, swatch packs are available on the site to check the colours. Swatches

Choose a colour:

Blacks | Blues | Browns | Burgundies | Golds | Greens | Ivory & Oyster | Lilacs & Purples | Gold Orange & Yellow | Pinks | Reds | Grey & Silver


Favini Burano BlackKaskad Raven Black
Majestic Anthracite Stardream Onyx Curious Night
Cocktail Black Russian Sirio Coal Mine  


Stardream Aquamarine Majestic Kings Blue Precious Baby Blue
Majestic Damask Blue Boutique Fair Blue Stardream Sapphire
Stardream Vista Stardream Lapislazuli Curious Peacock
Cocktail Blue Angel Curious Ink Cocktail Blue Moon
Curious Abyss Curious Electric Blue


Majestic Sand Centura Caramel Boutique Vanity Pearl
Curious Chocolate Curious Cognac Precious Butterscotch
Stardream Bronze Cocktail Cuba Libre Curious Chestnut


Stardream Ruby Stardream Mars  


Majestic Gardeners Green Precious Green Majestic Mint Green
Stardream Lagoon Stardream Peridot Curious Eucalyptus
Curious Chartreuse Curious Lime Sirio Sage
Centura Xmas Green Curious Aloe

Ivory & Oyster:

Precious Butterscotch Majestic Candlelight Cream Stardream Citrine
Precious Gold Ivory Stardream Opal Sirio Oyster Shell
Precious Peach Curious Europa Ivory Centura Fresh Cream

Lilacs & Purples:

Stardream Amethyst Stardream Kunzite Stardream Moonstone
Boutique Fashion Purple Stardream Punch Cocktail Purple Rain    

Gold, Orange & Yellow:

Sirio Copperplate Stardream Gold Stardream Antique Gold
Sirio Gold Curious Supergold Curious Gold Leaf
Majestic Mellow Yellow Precious Yellow Curious Mandarin    


Precious Baby Pink Stardream Azalea Boutique Beauty Pink
Sirio Misty Rose Majestic Parlour Pink Majestic Petal
Stardream Rose Curious Rose Gold Curious Pink Quartz
Curious Nude Sirio Rose Gold Centura Fuchsia Pink
Precious Pink Mist  


Majestic Emperor Red Sirio Red Fever Curious Magma
Curious Red Laquer  

Grey & Silver:

Sirio Platinum Stardream Silver Majestic Silver
Curious Galvanised Curious Ionised Curious Lustre