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Keaykolour Antique and Sirio Pocket Card


Keaykolour Antique and Sirio are 300gsm in weight and FSC Certified, meaning they come from responsibly managed forests.

Keaykolour Particles 300gsm is more expensive than the Keaykolour Antique.

See the Uncreased card section for the inserts for these.

(1205) Albatross (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1201) Atoll (Keaykolour) (1222) Azure (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1223) Baltic Sea (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1223) Basalt (Keaykolour 300gsm) (364) Biscuit (Keaykolour 300gsm) (297) Black (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1225) Blackberry (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1220) Camel (Keakolour 300gsm) (1231) Cappuccino (Keaykolour 300gsm) (376) Carmine (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1226) Caribbean Blue (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1232) Chilli Pepper (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1203) China White (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1206) Cobblestone (Keaykolour 300gsm) (377) Coral (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1207) Grey Fog (Keaykolour 300gsm) (302) Guardsman Red (Keaykolour 300gsm) (304) Holly (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1224) Indian Yellow (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1233) Kiwi (Keaykolour 300gsm) (378) Lichen (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1221) Lipstick (Keaykolour 300gsm) (379) Matcha Tea (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1227) Meadow (Keaykolour 300gsm) (305) Navy (Keaykolour 300gsm) (367) Nude (Sirio 290gsm) (380) Old Rose (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1219) Orchid (Keaykolour 300gsm) (381) Pastel Blue (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1228) Pastel Green (Keaykolour 300gsm) (382) Pastel Pink (Keaykolour 300gsm) (370) Pearla (Sirio 290gsm) (1229) Port Wine (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1204) Prune (Keaykolour 300gsm) (399) Rosebud (Keaykolour 300gsm) (307) Royal Blue (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1234) Seal (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1202) Sequoia (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1218) Sombre Grey (Keaykolour) (384) Snow White (Keaykolour 300gsm) (383) Steel (Keakolour 300gsm) (306) Tangerine (Keaykolour 300gsm) (363) Vino (Aubergine) (Sirio 290gsm)) (372) White (Sirio 290gsm) 1236) Moonlight (Particles 300gsm) (1238) Sunshine (Particles 300gsm)
Please note these are made to order and are not returnable
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