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Keaykolour Antique and Sirio RME Envelopes


The ready to make envelopes are supplied flat, all that needs to be done is to stick the flaps down and put a length of double sided tape to the top flap and you have a perfect envelope.

Keaykolour Particles 120gsm is more expensive than the Keaykolour Antique.



(1205) Albatross (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1201) Atoll (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1222) Azure (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1223) Baltic Sea (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1223) Basalt (Keaykolour 120gsm) (364) Biscuit (Keaykolour 120gsm) (297) Black (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1225) Blackberry (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1220) Camel (Keakolour 120gsm) (1231) Cappuccino (Keaykolour 120gsm) (376) Car(376) Carmine (Keaykolour 120gsm)  mine (Keaykolour 300gsm) (1226) Caribbean Blue (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1232) Chilli Pepper (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1203) China White (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1206) Cobblestone (Keaykolour 120gsm) (377) Coral (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1207) Grey Fog (Keaykolour 120gsm) (302) Guardsman Red (Keaykolour 120gsm) (304) Holly (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1224) Indian Yellow (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1233) Kiwi (Keaykolour 120gsm) (378) Lichen (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1221) Lipstick (Keaykolour 120gsm) (379) Matcha Tea (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1227) Meadow (Keaykolour 120gsm) (305) Navy (Keaykolour 120gsm) (367) Nude (Sirio 120gsm) (380) Old Rose (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1219) Orchid (Keaykolour 120gsm) (381) Pastel Blue (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1228) Pastel Green (Keaykolour 120gsm) (382) Pastel Pink (Keaykolour 120gsm) (370) Perla (Sirio 120gsm) (1229) Port Wine (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1204) Prune (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1234) Pumpkin (Keaykolour 120gsm) (399) Rosebud (Keaykolour 120gsm) (307) Royal Blue (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1234) Seal (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1202) Sequoia (Keaykolour 120gsm) (1218) Sombre Grey (Keaykolour 120gsm) (384) Snow White (Keaykolour 120gsm) (383) Steel (Keakolour 120gsm) (375) White (Sirio 120gsm) (1238) Sunlight (Particles 120gsm)
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