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New Blush card and paper

by Peter Stock

We are now stocking the new Colorset 100% recycled Blush card and paper. This is a lovely baby pink shade and is available in all categories.


New Sirio Pearlescents

by Peter Stock

We are now stocking two new Sirio Pearl cards in card and paper. The Sirio Rose Gold is a true rose gold, pink shimmering gold and the Sirio Sage is a lovely blue green. Both available in all card and paper categories.

Rose Gold and Sage

New Galaxy Card

by Peter Stock

We have re-introduced the Galaxy cards which are printed on 240gsm double sided coloured cards. Galaxy Cards

Galaxy Montage

We now have Bockingford 300gsm watercolour card in stock

by Peter Stock
This white Bockingford card has a NOT surface and weighs 300gsm (140lb). Bockingford is mould-made, wood free, and acid free to archival standards. Bockingford

New Favini card

by Peter Stock

We have found a lovely smooth double sided card called Favini Burano. Black, Bordeaux, Cobalt Blue, Indian Red, Prussian Blue and Vulcan Grey are 320gsm. Desert and English Green are 250gsm. The black is completely carbon free (rare for a black card). All are highly suitable for digital and foil printing. Favini Burano uncreased card we are in the process of making this card available in all categories. We are also able to duplex this to 600gsm and 500gsm.


New Keaykolour card and paper

by TradeWeb Support

We are now stocking some of the new colours available from Keaykolour. The card is 300gsm and the paper 120gsm. New colours are: Carmine, Coral, Litchen, Matcha Tea, Old Rose, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue and Steel. Available in all categories, link to the uncreased card is Keaykolour

Also available in 600gsm duplexed. Choose a different or same colour each side. Keaykolour 600gsm

New Keaykolour

Word Cutting Die Promotion

by TradeWeb Support

Word cutting die SALE - for a limited time only.....

NEW Curious Metals Colours

by TradeWeb Support
Arjo Wiggins have revamped the Curious range and we have bought in 7 of the lovely new colours in card (300gsm) and paper (120gsm). They have discontinued the following colours (we have plenty of stock at present though): Blueprint, Botanic, Cognac, Lime, Mandarin and Shadow. The new colours are: Chartreuse, Pink Quartz, Rose Gold, Eucalyptus, Peacock, Night and Magma.

Available in uncreased card, paper, creased card blanks, pocketfolds and wallets......

Cocktail Curacao now back in stock

by TradeWeb Support

New Crush card and paper

by Peter Stock

We have just bought in to the Crush range, card and paper in Grape. The card is 250gsm and the paper 120gsm. Grape is grey with a hint of pink. Aong with the rest of the Crush cards and papers it is made using process residues from organic products to replace up to 15% of the virgin fibre.

Crush Grape