Tapestry RME Envelopes - CARD

The ready to make envelopes are supplied flat, all that needs to be done is to stick the flaps down and put a length of double sided tape to the top flap and you have a perfect envelope.

Made from Tapestry Applique, Broderie, Silkweave and Fabrique textured 300gsm card.

Please note that these cards and papers can vary in shade, we try to ensure that each batch sent out is of the same shade.

114x162mm (C6) 114x162mm (C6) RME (Diagonal Flap) 125x125mm Fancy RME 88x113mm (C7) 95x122mm RME (Diamond Flap) 95x112mm 95x205mm 100x100mm 110x220mm (DL) 125x125mm 130x130mm RME (Diagonal Flap) 138x188mm 133x184mm RME (Diagonal Flap) 140x140mm 150x150mm 150x150mm RME (Diagonal Flap) 155x155mm 162x229mm (C5) 162x229mm (C5) RME (DiamondFlap) 165x165mm

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